Aeons ago, a collective of ancient beings once ruled the lands of Midia with power absolute. Through ancient technology, the landscapes of Midia were turned inside out, corrupted, polluted, purified and re-designed to fit the tastes and whims of these 'Immortal' creatures who waged wars, levelled environments and brutalized reality as easily as breathing.

Yet, time would eventually see even these beings grow weary and exhausted of their efforts. Fallen to in-fighting, ravaging one another's invention, lands and eventually, selves, what few Immortals lived concluded that their existence could not be sustained. So with combined effort and purpose, they used their ancient Artifice to forge their very beings into the lands of Midia itself in hopes of one day awakening to a healed Realm, with the wisdom and strength to continue their rulership.


Yet even in slumber, their presence is felt. The Fallout of their 'experiments' has left Midia a twisted and broken place, filled with many mysteries, disturbances and possibilities and there are those among the living species who managed to hide and survive in the Immortal's shadow, that have emerged to claim what was left behind and attempt, even, to surpass what once was. 


The Immortal Kind