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The Immortals. 

Millenia ago, an ancient race of beings that dominated the planet, forming and ruining whole continents with their presence and power. They delivered equal parts benevolence and destruction, warping nature and reality beyond imagining.

As the world around them broke, the Immortal numbers dwindled, each finding and seeking ways to outlast one another until all but a few remained. Each of these agreed that time was needed to heal the wounds of before. These few made a pact to turn to an ancient Technology and root themselves in the planet itself, to slumber until such time as the world was healed and restored. The immortals reasoned that they would awaken, enlightened and capable of once more taking up the mantle of reign over the Realms.

That was millenia ago. The fallout from the Immortal Slumber, did not see the world returned to it’s previous calm and purity. They left behind vast swathes of hostile energies, their arcane technology seeding reality with this volatile and powerful substance dubbed 'Autma.

Autma blended and changed the very laws of nature and reality, unfettered and left to wash over the Realms. Eventually, these hostile energies grew more tame, calming with time and exposure and seemed to find a unique symmetry with the lands, allowing life to flourish and begin to acclimate and once more, grow. 

Peoples, cowed and hiding, climbed from their hovels into this new world, slowly reclaiming the alien and hostile landscape for themselves. Races and collectives, emerged and with them, culture, technology and, eventually,  Civilization. 

Now, the Immortals are all but distant folklore contained within religious cultures, archaic texts and remembered in the vaguest of details by only the oldest of the many races that spawned, grew and assembled in the Fallout Times.

Most believe and rightly so, that the Immortals are no longer capable of awakening, for the mystic tech, known in these times as ‘Artifice’ has since been scavenged, broken and ruined by the unpredictable warping strength of Autma . The many varied and plenty species that inhabit the landscape, have long since inherited it and left behind much of what the Immortals in their alien habits, sought to create or destroy with it.

The result, today, is a world of vast and different folk from all walks, each having built for themselves a definitive realm and existence.

Some are hostile warmongers, seeking the annihilation of all religious context and mention of the Immortals, while others are peaceful loreseekers, constantly curious for what was left behind in days of yore. Others yet are militant protectors, unconcerned with the past and looking toward the future and the freedoms it could bring. These and many more exist on in the lands, airs and seas of this world…

Known simply as Midia.


Races.  Artifice.   Autma.  

Main Page

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